Pharoah Rameses II's heir, Merenptah

THE Pharaoh at the time of the Hebrew "exodus" from Egypt was probably Merenptah, a grandson of Rameses II. The Pharaohs who followed the great Rameses found troubles gathering thickly around them. The people grew discontented and even desperate under the drain of continued warfare and the weight of increasing tyranny. The Hittites and other foreign foes pressed upon the frontiers, and the "treasure cities" of Rameses had to withstand more than one serious siege.

The hand of the Pharaohs fell most heavily of all upon the helpless Hebrews, until finally, as the Bible tells us, these unfortunates demanded leave to pass the frontier fortresses and the great wall which seems to have been erected across the entire isthmus. The fugitives preferred rather to dare the sufferings of the desert than submit to the ever-increasing misery of life in Egypt. Only a single record of their departure has as yet been found upon the monuments of Merenptah. This in telling the achievements of his reign says: "The Israelites were utterly destroyed and left no seed." That this was false we know. Probably when they fled and were pursued, such of the Egyptians as escaped from the disaster of the plunge into the Red Sea reported that the Israelites had also perished.

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