Myth of a Greek God, Saturn

THE early history of Greece is just a mass of legends wherein history and fable blend inextricably and facts loom doubtfully. The earliest of the legends deal with the gods, and of these gods we are told that the first of all, creator of all things, was Uranus, or heaven, who had for wife Gaea, or earth. To these two were born many children, chief of whom was Saturn, or Chronos, the god of time, from whom come our words chronology, chronometer, etc.

Chronos rebelled against his father and deposed him; or, in other words, active, swift-flying time took the place of immovable eternity. During the reign of Chronos men were born and peopled the earth. Then Chronos was in his turn dethroned by his son Zeus, or Jupiter, the thunderer, the god who typifies the rule of intellect over mere earthly force. Thus Chronos in his old age was exiled from heaven, the region of the gods, and dwelt on earth among men. He made his home in Italy, where he taught men so much that they all lived in peace and wisdom and ever after looked back to the time of Chronos as "the golden age."

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