Modern Egyptian Agriculture

THE generation or more during which England has held control of Egypt has witnessed the complete transformation of the country. Everywhere one meets prosperity, where before all was misery and almost starvation. Chief of the great engineering works undertaken by the English has been the building of a great dam across the mighty Nile at Assuan where the "first cataract" blocks the free navigation of the river. The purpose of this dam is to regulate the annual overflow of the Nile, so that Egypt shall neither be swamped nor left wholly without a flood, since either case means short crops the following season, with famine as the result.

The dam was completed in 1902, and opened with elaborate ceremonies. The reigning Khedive Tewfik was present with many distinguished Englishmen. The guests were wheeled in chairs across the long face of the dam, then the gates were lifted, and the waters permitted to rush through the channel they have since followed. This stupendous piece of engineering work has since fulfilled its purpose perfectly, another monument to the genius of man, and a guarantee of Egypt's future prosperity.

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