The Legend of King Sargon of Akkad

Most of what the early dwellers in Babylonia did was forgotten by their descendants; for this land continued to be earth's chief centre of culture and of population during six thousand years or more. The earliest man to be clearly remembered was called Sargon. Tradition has handed his fame down to us through all the ages as the founder of the great city of Babylon and as its first great king. A legend grew around him, telling that he was a prince, who was exposed to death as an infant but was found and brought up by a gardener. While he worked one day in the garden a lady came to him surrounded by a cloud of doves. She was really Ishtar or Astarte, the love goddess of the Babylonians, to whom doves were sacred. Sargon did not know her, but received her in such princely fashion that she fell in love with him. Under Ishtar's guidance the gardener's boy rose to be the king of his own little city. Then he conquered other cities, and at length held all the land of Babylonia under his rule, being the first man to unite all the little warring cities into a single state.

Recent discoveries have supplied us with a knowledge of the real career of Sargon. He was a military conqueror who lived 3,800 years before Christ, and founded a gorgeous city called Akkad. But the city of Babylon had existed long before his time, he only added to its splendors; and many kings had preceded him during many centuries of the slowly developing civilization along the banks of the Euphrates.

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