Jewish History time line

B.C. 2285 (?)--Abraham leaves his Babylonian home. 2265 (?)--Abraham and his followers enter Palestine. 1720 (?)--Joseph serves in Egypt. 1700 (?)--The Israelites settle in Egypt. 1325 (?)--Moses leads the Exodus. 1285 (?)--Joshua conquers part of Palestine, and the twelve tribes settle there. 1040--Samuel is chief prophet, and the Ark of the Covenant is restored by the Philistines. 1020--Samuel anoints Saul as Israel's first king. 1010--Saul battles against the Philistines and is slain at Mount Gilboa; David becomes king of the tribe of Judah. 1002--Saul's last son is slain and David becomes king of the united nation; he captures Jerusalem and makes it the chief city of his race. By conquest he builds up a powerful kingdom. 970--Solomon becomes king. 966-959--He builds the Temple. 930--Rehoboam succeeds Solomonas, King of Judah; the ten northern tribes rebel and found the Kingdom of Israel. 925--Shashank of Egypt sacks Jerusalem. 890--Omri wins the throne of the Kingdom of Israel and builds Samaria as his capital. 875--Ahab is king of Israel, and weds Jezebel, a princess of Tyre, who introduces Baal worship. 854--The Assyrian raids and conquests begin. 725--Hoshea. King of Israel, revolts against Assyria; Samaria besieged. 722--The Kingdom of Israel destroyed; and its people carried captive to Assyria. 701--Hezekiah. King of Judah, revolts against Sennacherib of Assyria, whose army is destroyed by a plague. 621--Discovery of "The Book of the Law," and religious revival under King Josiah. 608--Josiah defeated and slain by the Egyptians at Megiddo. Judah becomes an Egyptian province. 601--Judah surrenders to Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. 597--Jehoiakim heads a rebellion, and Jerusalem is stormed and its chief people carried away in "the first captivity." 588--Zedekiah heads a rebellion. 586--Jerusalem destroyed and most of its remaining people carried away in "the second captivity." 538--Cyrus the Persian permits the Jews to return to Jerusalem, a caravan does so under Zerubbabel. 520--The new Temple is finished and dedicated. 483--Ezra leads a second migration of Jews back to Jerusalem. 445--Nehemiah made governor of Jerusalem, aids Ezra to establish the theocratic rule. 415--An hereditary high priesthood established. 204--Judea becomes part of the Syrian empire of Antiochus the Great. 170--Antiochus IV begins the religious persecution of the Jews. 167--Mattathias starts the Maccabean wars. 161--The "day of Nicanor," great Maccabean victory. 141--Simon, the last of the Maccabee brothers, everywhere accepted as high priest or king of Judea. 63--Judea seized as a Roman province. 40--Herod, a Maccabean, made "king of the Jews" under Rome; he rebuilds the Temple.

A.D. 38--The Jews refuse to worship Caligula. 67--Vespasian begins a great war against the Jews. 70--Titus storms Jerusalem. 130--Last great outbreak of the Jews under Bar-cochba. 135--Final destruction of Jerusalem and dispersal of the Jews as slaves. 418--The Jews excluded from military service under the Roman Empire; their degradation becomes severe. 1290--They are excluded from England. 1588--The Pope Sixtus V takes the first step in rehabilitating the Jews, allowing them freedom of religion and equality of taxation in the Papal States. 1790--The French republicans give the Jews full equality and citizenship in France; other countries follow. 1881--Violent persecutions renewed in Russia.

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