History of Russian-Persian relations

RUSSIA and England have for a generation past held Persia almost wholly under their control; and Russia in particular has looked with little approval on the recent Persian effort at self-government. Hence the latest important step in the tragic drama being enacted in modern Persia has been Russia's forceful overthrow of the Persian constitution. The Persian "Medjliss" or parliament entrusted Persian finances to an American, Mr. Morgan Shuster. Russia demanded his dismissal. The Medjliss refused. A Russian army invaded Persia.

The invaders were met desperately but hopelessly. As they advanced on Tabriz, the chief Persian city of the north, the patriots, untrained, unorganized, gathered on the edge of the surrounding sand dunes to repel them. The Russians swept aside the Persian resistance with small loss and took possession of Tabriz. The Persian officer who had commanded the little band of patriots-shown on horseback at the left of the picture-was hanged the day after this photograph was taken, as were many of his followers. Here, and at another city, Recht, a total of over five hundred Persians perished as victims of the Russian desire for "peace and civilization"; and the helpless country has now submitted to all the Russian demands.

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