History of the Hebrews: Hebrew kings


B.C. 1020--Saul. 10100--Ishbosbeth, his son.

THE KINGS OF JUDAH 1010--David. 970--Solomon, his son.


930--Rehoboam, his son. 920--Abijam, his son. 917--Asa, his son. 874--Jehoshaphat, his son. 849--Jehoram, his son. 844--Ahaziah, his son.


842--Queen Athaliah, his mother. 836--Joash, her grandson. 797--Amaziah, his son. 778--Uzziah, his son. 740--Jotham, his son. 736--Ahaz, his son. 727--Hezekiah, his son. 695--Manasseh, his son. 641--Amon, his son. 639--Josiah, his son. 608--Jehoahaz, his son. 607--Jehoiakim, his brother. 597--Jehoiachin, his son. 597--Zedekiah, his uncle. 586--The Captivity.


166--Judas Maccabeus. 161--Jonathan, his brother. 142--Simon, his brother. 135--John Hyrcanus, his son.


105--Aristobulus, his son 104--Alexander, his brother. 79--Hyrcanus VI, his son. 69--Aristobulus II, his brother. 63--Rome seizes Judea. 40--Herod, a dependent king. 4--Herod Antipas, his son.

A.D. 6--Roman governors appointed.

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