General Charles Gordon Biography

THE story of the renowned Englishman, the Christian soldier, Charles Gordon, reads like a romance. Wherever England was earnestly endeavoring to uplift civilization and stamp out barbarism, Gordon appeared in the van. He won his reputation in the Chinese service; and then in the time of England's greatest need in Egypt he was sent thither. Among the wild Arab tribes of the Sudan, which is the Egyptian frontier region far up the course of the Nile, there appeared a Mahometan prophet, ElMahdi. His fanatical followers defeated the Egyptian troops so repeatedly and completely that the Egyptians, under English advice, resolved to withdraw entirely from the impoverished Sudan. General Gordon was sent to supervise the removal of all Egyptians and Europeans from their perilous position. He succeeded with almost everybody except himself. When there was scarcely another European left, he was besieged by ElMahdi in Khartoum, the capital of the Sudan.

Training the Arabs of the town and heartening them with his own calm courage, Gordon withstood a siege of eleven months. Then when a relieving column of British soldiers was only two days distant, the town was stormed. Gordon was slain and ElMahdi entered Khartoum in triumph, riding over the bodies of his adoring followers. He had done what he had promised, expelled the last foreigner from the Sudan, and he was worshipped as divine.

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