Esarhaddon's defeat of the Scythians

The military records of Esarhaddon's reign may be classed under three great triumphs. Most important of these in the light of future events was his defeat of the barbarian hordes of Scythians from the north. These finally destroyed Assyria's empire; but on their first invasion they were met and hurled back by Esarhaddon. From what race of mankind these first hordes sprang, or whence they came, we do not know. Out of the darkness of the north they burst, ravaging and plundering; and into that chaos Esarhaddon swept them back again, crushed and despairing. They were an unorganized mass of fighters, formidable only through ferocity and numbers. But such was the Assyrian terror of them that the priests held a great sacrifice lasting a hundred days, to secure the help of the gods against the devastation.

Esarhaddon's other two achievements were, first, the invasion and subjugation of the Arabian desert, which by its barren menace had hitherto protected its tribes from every foe; and, second, the conquest of Egypt. This final victory over Asia's most distant and most persistent rival for the leadership of civilization made Assyria the acknowledged ruler of all the known world. Her power seemed assured forever. All civilization bowed at last before a single lord.

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