Egyptian Pharaoh Time Line


B.C. PRE-DYNASTIC 4600-The Scorpion rules in Upper Egypt. 4550-Narmer conquers Lower Egypt.

THE DYNASTIES 4500-First-Thinite. Menes, first universally acknowledged king, founder of Memphis. Teta or Athothis, the physician. Den or Uenestes, the conqueror. 4400-Second-Memphite. Kakau establishes worship of the sacred bull. 4200-Third-Memphite. Tosorthros begins building in stone. 3998-Fourth-Memphite. Sneferu founds the dynasty, builds a pyramid. Khufu, builder of the great pyramid. Men-kau-ra, the "golden age." 3721-Fifth-Elephantine. User-ka-ef, priest of the sun-god, Ra. 3503-Sixth-Elephantine. Teta, a military ruler. Nitokris, the first independent queen.

Egypt-Dynasties and Chief Rulers

3322-Seventh-Memphite. Petty Kings-Eighth-Memphite. 3106-Ninth-Heracleopolite. 3249-Tenth-Heracleopolite. 2985-Eleventh-Theban. 2778-Twelfth-Theban. Amenemhat I. Usertesen I. Usertesen II. Usertesen III. 2565-Thirteenth-Theban. 2112-Fourteenth-Xoite. 2098-Fifteenth-Hyksos, or Shepherd kings.-Sixteenth-Hyksos. 1738-Seventeenth-Thebans, at first dependents of the Hyksos. 1635-Eighteenth-Theban. Aahmes I. conquers the Hyksos. Amenhotep I. Thothmes III. Amenhotep II. Thotmes IV. Amenhotep III. Amenhotep IV. Horemheb. 1365-Nineteenth-Theban. Rameses I. Seti or Sethos. Rameses II., the legendary Sesostris. Mer-en-ptah, probably the Pharaoh of the Exodus. Seti II. 1220-Twentieth-Theban. Rameses III. 1100-Twenty-first-Tanite. History obscure. Hir-Hor, high priest of Amon, probably first of priest kings. 945-Twenty-second-Bubastite (Libyan). Shashanq. 810-Twenty-third-Tanite. 781-Twenty-fourth-Saite. 727-Twenty-fifth-Karnak (Ethiopian). Piankhi. Tarkus or Tirhakah. (Egypt subdued by Assyrians). 655-Twenty-sixth-Saite. Psammetichus I. Necho II. Psammetichus II. Apries. Amasis. 525-Twenty-seventh-Persian. (Egypt only a province). Cambyses. Darius I. Xerxes I. Artaxerxes I. Darius II. 415-Twenty-eighth-Saite (In revolt from Persia). Amyrtaeus. 408-Twenty-ninth-Mendesian. 386-Thirtieth-Sebennyte. Nectanebus I. Nectanebus II. 340-Thirty-first-Persian. Darius III. 332-Alexander the Great conquers Egypt, and the empire is divided.


B.C. 305-Ptolemy I., Soter. 285-Ptolemy II., Philadelphus. 247-Ptolemy III., Euergetes. 222-Ptolemy IV., Philopator. 205-Ptolemy V., Epiphanes. 182-Ptolemy VI. (Eupator). 182-Ptolemy VII., Philometor. 146-Ptolemy VIII. (Neos). 146-Ptolemy IX., Euergetes II. 117-Cleopatra Cocce and Ptolemy X., Soter II. 106-Cleopatra Cocce and Ptolemy XI., Alexander I. 81-Cleopatra Berenike. 81-Ptolemy XII., Alexander II. 81-Ptolemy XIII., Auletes. 51-Cleopatra, and Ptolemies XIV. XV., XVI., her brothers. 30-Egypt became a Roman province.

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