Battle of Gods and Giants

THE reign of Zeus or Jupiter, the younger god who typified the force of Intellect, was as much disturbed as that of old Chronos had been. But Jupiter had the aid and pleasure of having brothers and sisters with whom he shared Heaven and who fought by his side. In other words Intellect gathered round itself many aids in its struggle against the merely physical forces of Nature. The chief war of the younger generation of gods was against a new brood of children born to ancient Gaea, the earth. These were the race of Giants.

The Heaven of Jupiter was on Mount Olympus, a mighty peak that rises nearly two miles above the sea on the northern boundary of Greece. The Giants piled lesser mountains one above the other to reach Olympus; but when they seemed almost ready to succeed, Jupiter and his kindred rushed out from Olympus and overthrew them. Our picture shows the famous charge. Jupiter, the thunderer, hurls his lightnings from his chariot. His brother Pluto, the power of darkness, rides beside him. His son Apollo, the god of the sunshine, launches an arrow at the desperate Giants. Minerva, daughter of Zeus, holds before her the hideous gorgon shield of war which turned all beholders to stone. The eagle of Jupiter also threatens the stricken intruders.

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