Babylonian and Assyrian king list


B.C. 4500 (?)--En-shag-kush-anna, probably of Lagash. 4400 (?)--Mesilim, a Semite victor.

KINGS OF LAGASH 4250 (?)--Ur-nina Akurgal, his son. E-anna-tum, his son, a conqueror. En-anna-tum, his brother. En-teme-na, his son. En-anna-tum II., his son. Urukagina, the reformer. 4000--Lugal-zag-gisi, a foreign conqueror.


KINGS OF AKKAD 3800--Sargon. 3750--Naram-Sin, his son. Bingani-sar-ali, his son. Ellat-gula, a queen. ****

KINGS OF UR 3200--Ur-gur, the builder.

B.C. 3150--Dungi I., his son. ****

2800-Gungunu, a conqueror. Ur-gur II. ****

KINGS OF BABYLON 2450--Sumu-abi. 2440--Sumu-la-ilu, his son. 2405--Zabu, his son. 2360--Abil-sin, his son. 2320--Sin-muballit, his son. 2285--Hammurabi. ****


1700--Agum-kak-rime, a conqueror. ****

1450--Kara-indas. 1420--Burna-buryas, his son. 1410--Kuri-galzu I., his son. 1400--Kadashman bel.

B.C. 1390--Burna-buryas II. 1370--Kara-khardash. 1360--Kadashman-kharbe.

ASSYRIAN CONQUERORS 1330--Shalmaneser I. 1290--Tukulti-ninib I., his son. 1280--Assur-nazir-pal, his son. (Period of Tumult.)

FIRST ASSYRIAN EMPIRE 1120--Tiglathpileser I. 1090--Assur-bel-kala, his son. 1080--Shamshi-adad, his son. (Period of Weakness.)

950--Tiglathpileser II. 930--Assur-dan, his son. 911--Adad-nirari II., his son. 890--Tukulti-ninib II., his son.

SECOND ASSYRIAN EMPIRE 885--Assur-nazir-pal. 860--Shalmaneser II., his son. 827--Assur-dain-pal, his son.

B.C. 823--Shamsi-adad, his brother. 811--Adad-nirari III., his son. 782--Shalmaneser III. 772--Assur-dan III. 754--Assur-nirari II.

THE GREAT ASSYRIAN EMPIRE 745--Tiglathpileser III (Pul). 726--Shalmaneser IV. 722--Sargon II. 705--Sennacherib, his son. 681--Esarhaddon, his son. 668--Assurbanipal, his son. 626--Assur-etil-ili-ukinni. 609--Sin-shar-ishkum (Saracos).

THE SECOND BABYLONIAN EMPIRE 625-Nabopolassar. 604--Nebuchadnezzar II., his son. 562--Evil-merodach, his son. 560--Nergal-shar-usur. 556--Labashi-marduk. 555--Nabonidos.

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