Ancient Babylonian poetry

Some poet of Erech, lamenting this destruction, wrote to his lost goddess Nana a plea which has been preserved to us:

Until when, oh lady, Shall the ungodly enemy ravage thy land? In thy queen city, Erech, Destruction is complete. In Eulbar, thy temple, Blood has flowed as water. O'er all thy lands the foe has poured out flame; It hangs over them like smoke.

Oh lady, it is hard for me To bend my neck to the yoke of misfortune! Oh lady, thou hast let me suffer, Thou hast plunged me in sorrow!

The mighty evil foe Broke me as a reed; I know not what to resolve; I trust not in myself. Like a thicket of waving reeds I moan low, day and night. I bow my head before thee! I am thy servant!

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