Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh: Thothmes III

THE most powerful of all the Pharaohs was Thothmes III., who has been called the Egyptian Alexander the Great. When Egypt threw off the yoke of the Hyksos, its native sovereigns burned to avenge upon Asia the injuries suffered from the Asiatic invaders. Hence one Pharaoh after another led his army into Palestine. Thothmes III. won a great battle at Megiddo, completely conquered Palestine and Syria, and extended his frontier to the Euphrates River, threatening Assyria and Babylonia.

Returning home after a series of victorious campaigns, Thothmes heard with amaze that a widespread rebellion had sprung up behind him, so that instead of resting in peace he must again take the field. Doubtless he expressed his anger in some such fashion. Legend presents Thothmes as a savage tyrant born of peasant race, the son of a slave-woman in the Pharaoh's harem; and Egyptian monarchs were commonly supposed to slay whoever brought them evil tidings, as Thothmes may have done.

The rebellion, however, brought Thothmes to the height of his power; for, hastily returning with his forces into Asia, he completely crushed the confederate kings of Syria at Aruna. After that no Asiatics dared oppose him. Even the king of Babylon sent him tribute, and besought the honor of wedding one of his daughters. Thothmes contemptuously refused.

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