Ancient Babylonian Life

The Bible tells us that in this ancient land of Babylonia occurred the early "confusion of tongues." Scientific exploration now informs us of the same fact from another aspect. It was in Babylonia that the scattered races of men first met after perhaps thousands of years of separation, and each people must indeed have been puzzled and confused to encounter other beings, human like themselves, but with a speech so wholly different. The earliest inhabitants of Babylonia were of the black and yellow races. Then came possibly a Hamite or Egyptian race, and then the desertdwellers of Arabia, a white people but dark of hair and complexion like the Hebrews, and belonging, like them, to the Semite race. Among these many peoples, the Semites or Arabs finally dominated the others; but all worked together as masters or as slaves on the huge towers or "ziggurats" which they upraised for temples.

These ziggurats were built of bricks; for bricks were among man's very earliest inventions, the material out of which he created his first permanent structures. The greatest of these ziggurats was erected in the city of Babylon. It was seven stories high, piled like a child's cube of blocks, with each story smaller than the one below. These successive levels were connected not by steps but by a slanting roadway which rose from each story to the next, and so led finally to the uppermost where was enshrined the god of Babylon, Belmarduk.

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