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The following articles are excerpts from The Story of the Greatest Nations and the World's Famous Events, Vol. 1, an historical reference book first published in 1913 by Edward S. Ellis and Charles F. Home, PhD. The book covers ancient times from Babylonia until Greek Civilization.

Greek Battle of Salamis: Defeat of Persian King Xerxes by Themistocles
Ancient Babylonian Life
Where is Nippur?
The Legend of King Sargon of Akkad
Ancient Babylonian History
Babylonian God: Bel Marduk
Tiglath Pileser: founder of the first Assyrian Empire
Who was Sennacherib?
Sennacherib: King of Assyria
Esarhaddon's defeat of the Scythians
City of Nineveh conquered by Babylonians and Scythians
Sardanapalus and the siege of Nineveh
Nebuchadnezzar conquers Jerusalem
King of Babylon: Nebuchadnezzar
Cyrus: King of Persia
Exodus of the children of Israel from Babylon
Moses and the Exodus
King David of Jerusalem
The Maccabees
Destruction of Jerusalem
Ancient Phoenician Civilization
Phoenician's civilization
Ethbaal of Phoenicia
What is Carthage?
Rival of Ancient Carthage
Carthaginian general Hamilcar
Hannibal of Carthage
Hannibal marches on Rome
Destruction of Carthage
Who was Zoroaster?
Medes and Persians
King Cyrus the Great: biography
King Croesus
Cambyses II
King Darius the Great
Who was Xerxes?
Hippocrates' Oath
Persian wars with Ancient Greece
Who was Artaxerxes?
Ctesiphon: ancient capital city of Persia
History of Russian-Persian relations
Who is Cheops?
Who were the Hyksos?
Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh: Thothmes III
Who is Horemheb?
Pharoah Rameses II's heir, Merenptah
Piankhi, the Ethiopian King
Who was Cleopatra?
Cleopatra's Death
Napoleon invades Egypt
Mamelukes of Egypt
Egypt in Modern History
General Charles Gordon Biography
Myth of a Greek God, Saturn
Battle of Gods and Giants
Where is the River Styx?
Who is Persephone?
Who is Orpheus?
Fourth Labor of Hercules
Summary of Jason and the Golden Fleece
Who was Achilles?
Who was Hector?
Tragic Hero Achilles
What was the Trojan Horse?
The Adventure Of Ulysses
Who was Homer?
Who Was Lycurgus?
Ancient Olympic Games
Ancient Babylonian Civilization
Babylonian Ancient History
History of Ancient Babylonian Cities and Civilizations
History of the Ancient Semites
King Urukagina of Babylonia Biography
Ancient Babylonian History
Biography of King Sargon of Akkad
History of Babylonian Cities: Ur, Sodom, Gomorrah and others
Ancient Babylonian poetry
King Hammurabi biography
The history of ancient Assyria
King Nebuchadnezzar I
Tiglath Pileser Biography
Ancient city of Nineveh
Assyrian kings
Ancient Assyrian empire
Babylonian kings
Fall of Babylon
Babylonian and Assyrian time line
Babylonian and Assyrian king list
Ancient Hebrew civilization
History of the Jewish People
Maccabees war
Jewish History time line
History of the Hebrews: Hebrew kings
Phoenician history
The ancient city of Tyre
Phoenician colonies
History of Ancient Carthage
Phoenician time line
Ancient Persian History
Who was Cyrus the Great?
Who is Cambyses?
Who was Darius?
Ancient Persian Civilization
History of Persia
Artexerxes Biography
Ancient Persian time line
Shahs of Iran
Ancient Egyptian Daily Life
Who was Narmer?
Ancient Egyptian History: How we come to know it
Who was King Menes?
Information on the Great Pyramids
An Ancient Egyptian Legend
Egypt's Twelfth Dynasty
Ancient Egypt: 13th - 19th Dynasties
An Ancient Egyptian Poem
Pharaoh Horemheb
Who is Sethos?
Who was Rameses II?
Ancient Ethiopia
Psamtek of Ancient Egypt
Fall of Ancient Egypt
History of the Islamic Egypt
Time Line of Ancient Egypt
Egyptian Pharaoh Time Line
Ancient Egyptian Language and Vocabulary
Modern Egyptian Agriculture

Ancient Egyptian Pottery
Aegean Culture
Who is King Minos?
Ancient Crete, Greece
Greek Mythology and Gods
Greek Flood Myth
Cadmus, Greek Hero
Who is Perseus?
What were the 12 Labors of Hercules?
Who are Jason and the Argonauts?
Siege of Troy
Ancient Greek Geography
Dorian Invasion
Ancient Greek Colonization
Who is Thales?
Who was Pythagoras?
Sparta of Ancient Greece
Spartan War
History Of Athens Greece
What is Draconian Law?
Who is Solon?
Ancient Greek Tyrants
Ancient Warfare: Ionian Revolt against Persia

Coat of Arms Research - last name origins and meanings

Heraldry, Family Crests and Coats of Arms
The Life of Socrates
Roman Architecture
The Trojan War and the Fall of Troy
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