Italian Charms and Bracelets

Italian Charms - What they are all about

Italian Charms are the hottest thing in jewelry.  Italian charms and bracelets allow you to express yourself by assembling and wearing interlocking links that represent your favorite passions.  Italian Charms come in thousands of designs and can represent almost anything, including: places, food, colleges, animals, cartoons, sports, phrases, birthday cakes and more!  The Italian Charms links are easy enough for you to interchange yourself (takes a little getting used to). 


Italian charms bracelet.


Disney Italian Charms
Italian Charms - Dogs

Zoppini Italian Charms


Italian Charms - What they are made of

Italian Charms from Italy are usually made with 18 K gold and enamel.  An Italian charm consists of two pieces: the base link and the actual charm.  The actual charm can have often they have iron or copper base plates onto which the 18K gold is plated.  These base metals are necessary often for sturdiness.  Semi-precious stones such as lapis, garnets can be used, but mostly its cubic zirconium (affectionately referred to as "CZ's").  The enamel is then painted on (not fired in furnaces).  The best are then soldered (not glued or pasted) onto a link.  You can often judge the quality of a base link by checking its springs (the tighter the springs, the better).


Best web site for Italian Style Charms:

Italian Charms from Pugster offers a huge variety (over 3,000), so that you can design your own personalized bracelet.   Their site allows you to actually build the bracelet, so you can see how it will look (great feature).  They have the best everyday low prices, they offer free shipping with a small minimum order, and orders ship the next business day.  


Current Hottest Charms Line

The hottest line of Italian charms just released is the cat line from JJ Kent.  They highlight over 12 breeds of cats, one of which is sure to look like your favorite feline.  They also have virtually ALL of the dog breeds.  Also recently released was the "Precious Moments" line.  These are modeled after the line of Precious Moments figurines.  The detail is very good (I hear that they took over 5 months to get the designs just right).  They are a little sappy - but they are well made - and who can resist Soda-Licious!!!  There are about 35 models in all.  The best place (prices/selection/service) to buy them is JJ Kent.


Italian Charms - Most Popular

The follow are some the best selling:

Pugster Rhinestone Cross Pugster Mother Son Hearts Pugster Stained Glass Window Cross Pugster Happy Snowman Red Pugster Paw Print Black Pugster Laser I Heart My Grandkids

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