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This site contains excerpts from Volume II of The Great Republic by the Master Historians. The book was published in the early 1900's and edited by renowned American historian Hubert H. Bankcroft. It covers United States' history from the period preceding the American Revolution through the presidency of Thomas Jefferson. Within the book, Bancroft comments on each historical event, as well as includes more detailed accounts by other historians.

The Great Republic By the Master Historians Vol. II
Attakullakulla: Cherokee chief during the 18th century

Cherokee Indian history: War with the southern colonists
Causes of the american revolution
The thirteen original colonies: Evolution of democracy
History of colonial America
New England colony: Formation of democracy
Colonial history of Virginia: Formation of government
New York Colony: History of government
Pennsylvania colony: Formation of government
The French and Indian War: The end of the war
American war for Independence: Early Causes
The Stamp Act of 1765
The Stamp Act Congress
The history of the Sons of Liberty
The Repealing of the Stamp Act of 1765
The examination of Benjamin Franklin before the House of commons
The Mutiny Act: Resistance by the colonies
Colonial Assembly: The resistance of the Massachusetts assembly against England in 1767
The Boston Massacre
Causes of the Revolutionary War
The North Carolina Regulators
The Gaspee affair
The Enforcement of the Tea Act
The history of the Boston Tea Party
The First Postmaster General: Benjamin Franklin against the British ministry
Revolutionary War History: Pre-war discussion in the British House of Commons
Colonial Immigration
The Boston Port Bill
The First Continental Congress
General John Sullivan: Attack on Portsmouth
Revolutionary War militia
The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
The shot heard round the world
The Battle of Lexington and Concord
Ethan Allen: Revolutionary War figure
The day of the meeting of the Second Continental Congress.
The history of the Battle of Bunker Hill
The Continental Congress: George Washington elected commander in chief of all Colonial forces
General Benedict Arnold: The Revolutionary Army attacks Canada
Revolutionary War battles: The Siege on Boston
The American Revolutionary Army: First training
The history of the First Continental Congress
What effects did Common Sense by Thomas Paine have on the Americans?
Samuel Adams: Speaks in Favor of revolution
Richard Henry Lee: Declares independence for Virginia
Quotes of John Adams: Letter to his wife
The signing of the United States Declaration of Independence
Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence
Analysis of the Declaration of Independence
America at the time of the Revolutionary War
The state of the thirteen original colonies at the founding of the republic
Southern colonial America at the time of the Revolutionary War
New York Colonial History
Colonial Boston at the time of the Revolutionary War
The text of the Declaration of Independence
The signers of the Declaration of Independence
The history of the Articles of Confederation
The disadvantage of the Articles of Confederation
Revolutionary War Genealogy
The Colonial Army of the American Revolution
Hessian soldiers in the Revolutionary War
How Fort Moultrie got its name
The Battle of Brooklyn: Famous battle in the Revolutionary War
George Washington and the Crossing of the Delaware
Battle of Trenton
The Battle of Brandywine
Battle of Germantown
The expedition against Fort Schuyler
The Surrender of General John Burgoyne
Valley Forge: The winter of 1778
Baron von Steuben: Arrival at Valley Forge
Benjamin Franklin in France
The Bon Homme Richard vs. the Serapis
John Paul Jones biography
The treason of General Benedict Arnold
Major John Andre
General Nathaniel Greene
The Surrender of General Cornwallis
George Washington's farewell address
General George Washington's farewell to congress
The history of the United States Constitution
The first Constitutional Convention
Ratification debate of the Constitution
Summary of the United States constitution
The Whisky Rebellion of 1794
Early Kentucky history
Daniel Boone history
History of Political Parties in the United States
What was the Louisiana Purchase?
The Louis and Clark expedition
Aaron Burr history
British impressment of american seaman
United states naval History: Stephen Decatur and the frigate Philadelphia
1801 War with Tripoli
The emabrgo act of 1807

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