How to keep a dog healthy

The best way to keep a dog healthy is to let him have plenty of exercise, and not to overfeed him. Let them have at all times a plentiful supply of clean water, and encourage them to take to swimming, as it assists their cleanliness. When they are washed no soap should be used, as it prevents their licking themselves, and they may thus become habitually dirty. Properly treated, dogs should only be fed once a day. Meat boiled for dogs, and the liquor in which it is boiled, thickened with barely-meal or oatmeal, forms capital food. The distemper is liable to attack dogs from four months to four years old. It prevails most in spring and autumn. The disease generally manifests itself by a dullness of the eye, husky cough, shivering, loss of appetite and energy, and occasional fits. During the prevalence of this complaint dogs should be allowed to run on the grass, their diet should be spare, and a little sulphur placed in their water. To administer medicine to a dog, place him, if of moderate size only, upright on his hind legs, between the knees of a seated person. Apply a napkin round his shoulders, bringing it forward over the fore legs, by which he is secured from resisting. The mouth being now forced open by the pressure of the forefinger and thumb upon the lip of the upper jaw, the medicine can be conveniently introduced with the other hand, and passed sufficiently far into the throat to ensure it's not being returned. The mouth should now be closed and kept so until the matter given is seen to pass down.

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