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These articles are excerpts from the 1920's textbook, A Year in the Wonderland of Trees, by Hallan Hawksworth and Francis B. Atkinson. Written from a biological perspective, the book aims at educating kids on the importance of trees and the environment.

Why are Dead Leaves Important?
Why do Leaves Change Color in Fall?
Why do leaves fall off Trees?
The Sassafras Leaf
Leaf Identification
Burning Yard Waste
Animal Seed Dispersal
Seed Production
How to Grow a Tree from a Sprout
How To Collect Tree Seeds
Tree Identification in Winter-time
Tree Identification: An Online Guide
History of the Pine Tree
Types of Pine Trees
Information on Types of Wood
Woodland Farm
The Farmer's Bulletin: an excerpt
Life Cycle of a Tree
Information and Insights on the Life of Trees
White Pine Tree Information
The Gypsy Moth History
Wind Damage to Trees
Wind Dispersal of Seeds
Forestry History
Botany for Kids
Planting a Tree Nursery
School Landscaping
What is a Flower
Why do Flowers Smell?
Plant Fertilization
Old Age of Trees
Biology for Kids
What Causes Rainfall?
The Effects of Beetles on Trees
Cutting a Tree Branch
Fire Prevention for Kids
The Controlled Burn Fire
U.S. Forestry Department
American Forestry Association

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