Foster Care Handbook: Behavior - Action Speaks Louder Than Words (Chapter 2, page 1 of 1)

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Chapter 2

Paperwork and Classes

There is training and a certification process before children can be brought into the home. Our training was at the foster care agency, followed by:

  • First Aid Training
  • CPR
  • Water Safety (we have a pool)

These certifications are updated annually. We have a First-Aid Kit in the house and in the car. Locks need to be kept on cabinets where medicine is stored and all containers which state "Keep Out of Reach of Children" must be locked up.

It is mandatory to have smoke detectors and a fire extinguisher.

Once the children are in your home and Medi-Cal cards have been issued to them, they will receive free dental and medical care at approved medical facilities.

Immunization records must be kept up-to-date, so a visit to the doctor as quickly as possible is mandatory. They need their immunization record to enter school.

Doctor and dental appointments should be made immediately to detect any health problems.

Medical and dental forms need to be completed and kept in their personal notebook. All records must be filed and kept current for when they leave your home.

We are also required to periodically attend classes that relate to parenting, different behaviors and consequences and workshops taught by the local Junior Colleges in their Kinship Program. The time and effort expended is well worthwhile.

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