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Chapter 1

1. planet 2. country/region 3. town/natural setting 4. specific place in #3 (such as a cave or the post office)

5. time in history 6. time of day 7. time of year Is your setting essential or nonessential? Explain.

D. Besides establishing a time and a place for a story, setting can help to establish a mood, atmosphere, or tone.

1. Write five sentences describing a scary place.

2. Write five sentences describing a happy place.

3. Write five sentences describing a chaotic place.

4. Write five sentences describing a barren, desolate place.

5. Write five sentences describing a relaxing, quiet place.

IV. Assignments A. Draw a general map of an area that can be used for one of your stories. Color your map with colored pencils or markers. Be sure to make a key like what is found on all maps. If you are unsure as to what a key to a map can have, then look at a road map.

B. Decide on one specific place of the map and draw and color that. Use specific details to make the place as vivid as possible.

C. Write a detailed paragraph describing this place.

D. Using wood, rocks, clay, Legos -- whatever you can find -- build a model of a setting or find a collection of photographs to "build" a setting. (Having ways to visualize your setting will make it real for you and for your readers when you put pen to paper and start writing stories.

E. Find and bring to class three songs in which the setting is important.

F. Prepare a collage with a specific mood as a theme. Using words, pictures, anything else; put together a setting collage that has this theme. For example, you might choose as your theme: paradise. You then gather pictures, words, anything else, and put them on a piece of poster board to illustrate your idea of what paradise might be. (I know you haven't done anything like this since you were a kid, but don't you remember how fun it was? Be a kid again. If nothing else, take advantage of the scrap-booking craze and keep your product as one of the first signposts when you started you writing journey.)

G. Do a description (either written, recorded, or with pictures) of a setting that would be paradise to you.

V. Final Summary Setting is the time, place, and/or historical period of a work. It can be essential, meaning the story must happen when and where it does; or it can be nonessential, meaning it could take place just as easily somewhere else or at a different time. The setting usually accomplishes the following: A. establishes a mood B. establishes place and time C. establishes characters D. establishes the beginning of a conflict FINAL SETTING ASSIGNMENT Through some medium such as words, a model, or a video or audio recording, or a detailed map, develop a setting for a novel, short story, or movie.

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