Bakers Dozen: Creative Writing Workbook (Chapter 5, page 3 of 3)

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Chapter 5

Short story authors often use the third person omniscient, one character point of view.

The following scene will be written with the focus on George. (You could focus on any character in your story, but usually, it's the protagonist.)

George felt depressed and a little angry as he looked at the CD's. He didn't have a radio, much less a CD player.

He watched the clerk approach him. He knew the clerk thought he was going to steal something. This just made him more tempted to try stealing. Sometimes, he hated the world.

"Could I help you?" the clerk asked.

"No," George said, anger boiling inside him.

ASSIGNMENTS: A. Write two short scenes between the protagonist you have created and another character. (No more than one page each.) In one scene use a first person point of view.

In the other use a third person point of view.

B. Use a short scene from a movie. Rewrite the scene using first person point of view.

C. Find a song or story written in first person point of view and rewrite it in third person.

D. Act out a scene with a partner. Act out the same scene but switch your characters.

E. Do a monologue playing yourself in a difficult situation. Perform it aloud.

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