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Chapter 8

Sometimes I am a fox, sneaky selfish trying every ploy I know to get into the hen house to steal eggs.

at other times I am a cat -lazy and arrogant demanding attention from my family.

I own them and let them pamper me with Fancy Feast and real cream.

When it comes to family, I am a mighty oak with deep roots and strong branches giving shelter to the ones I love.

And my personality is a rose, lovely and sweet but with thorns for those who handle me without care.

I am not a diamond Nor am I a pearl -just good ole gravel always underfoot but with 100 useful purposes including being walked on.

But sometimes I am coal temper burning hot but not for long.

Animal Vegetable Mineral one kingdom with diverse parts.

E. Another personal poem is the color poem. Describe your different personality traits in terms of color. Try to write on five different personality traits. Make sure they are different kinds of traits. You are not the same all the time.

My moods are like the chameleon which changes all the time depending on circumstance.

When I am at peace I am all cool greens and blues like grass and skies before they cloud over; mad, I am black, churning masses with streaks of red and yellow flashing around.

When I am in the pits, I am gray, colorless like winter skies before the snow until someone lifts me into the blue.

My love is soft amber and gold, warm, comforting waiting to be shared.

F. Additional poems (try for 10 lines each.)

1.. what they see ... what I am They see a geek raising my hand to answer questions but what I am is lonely crying out for love.

AND SO ON! YOU TRY ONE 2. Write a poem comparing yourself to food I am strawberry shortcake, sometimes sweet, sometimes tart.

Full of juicy gossip...


3. Write an emotion poem, following this format I am (emotion)


I am compassion listening to the kids, not laughing at them because they are young

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