LEGACY: The Life of Nikola Tesla (Chapter 7, page 1 of 3)

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Chapter 7

It is early dawn and a frantic knock is heard on the door. Tesla is feeding the pigeons he keeps in his apartment. He puts down the bird seed and hurries to answer the door. He opens the door with great concern because he gets very few visitors, and this is unusually early in the morning.

"Czito, what brings you here at this hour?"

Czito is excited, "The laboratory is burning down. All the equipment… all the work… all the notes." He's now sobbing.

"Come in, come in, let me get my things."

A major fire burns the laboratory. Tesla is watching as the notes, equipment and furniture is being consumed. The firemen are struggling to contain it, but without much success. He places his hand on his forehead, then wanders away counting his steps. He later walks through the rubble with his hands in his pockets. "How could this have started?"

About a week later, Katherine says to Robert Johnson, "We must help him. This was his life and the hope of the world."

Robert asks, "Where do we begin?"

In Tesla's apartment he's reading a letter from Katherine. "Perhaps we might help you. We have so much sympathy to give." He throws the letter away. There's a knock at the door. A Mr. Adams is acknowledged. Tesla gestures toward a chair.

"Well, Mr. Tesla, have you considered the Cataract Company offer?"

"Yes, Mr. Adams."

"Have you reached a conclusion?"

"Yes, I have."

"Very good, what is it?"

"Tell your associate, Mr. Morgan, I have the highest respect for him."

"I see. Is that all?"

"Tell him I have a great respect for him and for the companies he has chosen to represent. Especially his own company, which I regard with esteem."

"I see. Is that all?"

"I guess you know what I am leading to, Mr. Adams."

"Please tell me."

"I am grateful for the $40,000 advance. I shall endeavor to make good of the money, but for the greater offer, I have decided to decline."

"Is that your final word on the offer?"

"Yes, it is Mr. Adams."

Mr. Adams says, "Then I guess this discussion is finished."

"Yes, it seems to be concluded." Mr. Adams stands, "Then I guess I have no further business."

"Tesla responds, "It seems not." He heads for the door.

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