Jack Russell Terrier - Canine Companion or Demon Dog (Chapter 6, page 1 of 10)

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Chapter 6

There is a false myth that has been spread about the public that Jack Russell Terriers do not shed. The reality of this is that Jack Russell's do shed. A Jack Russell actually sheds more than a number of other breeds. Unlike most breeds it seems that the shorter the hair, the more it will shed, however there are exceptions and you may find your long haired rough coat shedding just as much a s the smooth coated version. The shedding may get worse as the seasons change. Excessive bathing will also cause excessive shedding, and possibly even skin problems. It's recommended that you do some research and do not bathe your dog any more than is necessary.

A JRT owner was once overheard saying, "The coat type you choose is all determined by what length of white hair you wish to vacuum." If shedding was a sport than the Jack Russell would be a much a master of it is it as at hunting. This is not a good breed for homes with people who have allergies or are looking for a low-shedding pet.

Shedding Tips Brushing with a brush or a rubber mitt helps lessen the amount you have to vacuum up by catching it before it ends up on your furniture.

· Experiment with using a soft rubber horse curry for grooming. You may find that the curry not only removes loose hair, but your Jack Russell may enjoy the massage like experience as well. A horse curry may also work for getting hair out of upholstery.

· Try brushing most of the upper body toward the base of the tail, then grab a "swiffer" sheet and rub it down his back, trying to collect all of the loose hair at the base of his tail in one swoop.

· Don't over bathe your dog, and when you do bathe him don't use shampoos etc. unless he really needs it. A good warm water rinse is often enough.

When traveling with your Jack Russell be sure to make sure your travel arrangement are all well thought out well ahead of time, with an emphasis on comfort and safety for your pet. If traveling by air, be aware that each airline has different rules/regulations regarding air travel for pets. In extremely hot times of the year or in certain destinations pet travel may be prohibited or restricted due to the heat. There also may be restrictions on size, and as much as you'd like to have it travel with you it may have to travel as cargo. Please do your research before you travel with your Jack. There are also steps and safety tips that you should follow when traveling. Try to make sure you take your Jack Russell inside the cabin with you when traveling. You will have to make arrangements in advance with the airlines and may want to discuss some ideas and the unique needs of your pet with the airline; they may think of ideas or concerns that you haven't thought of.

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