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Chapter 5

Saturday, October 13th was the day that set everything in motion for Shannon. Until that day, things had been as normal as they could be for a ninth grader. She had a lot of homework, assigned chores and a few television shows to catch up on. The morning had started out normally with her father, Brendan, leaving for an auction at the Leesford Auction Barn. Her mother was working in the family antique store, The Opportunity Shop, which was located downstairs in the front of their home.

Shannon was having her usual weekend breakfast of strawberry-banana yogurt and bacon strips. Her mother had allowed her the luxury of not having to work in the store that day so she could focus on her schoolwork. Unfortunately, this also meant that she couldn't make her usual pilgrimage to the town library. Victoria knew that her daughter did more reading of mystery novels in the library than working on her schoolwork; Hazel Middleton saw to that. She was the town librarian and resident snoop. Anything that Shannon did in the small library would be reported back to Victoria that day, and Shannon was well aware of it.


Brendan had left at 7 AM that morning to get to Leesford in time for the beginning of the auction. As a re-seller of antiques, he needed to be there before items were auctioned off so he could inspect them. He had arrived at the auction barn just as the rest of the other antique dealers were fussing over a lot of old side-by-sides, dinner tables and a few old school desks. Historically speaking, the side-by-sides were hard to come by, especially if they were in very good condition. This particular auction was full of quality estate antiques that needed only minimal restorative work.

Brendan registered at the front desk and received his little white paddle with red numbers on it. He had decided to bid on a few trunks that were full of old clothing and several side-by-sides that could be restored.

The auction began promptly at 8 AM and Brendan found his seat on a wobbly wooden folding chair at the rear of the main floor of the barn. The first items auctioned off were dinner tables followed by old school desks, roll top desks and side by sides. The side by side Brendan was interested in appeared on the auction block flanked by two young men who struggled to move the awkward piece of furniture to the front of the stage.

"The next item up for bid is this antique side-by-side circa 1857. It has the original glass in the door as well as the original key. There are four adjustable shelves, a small desk with pigeonholes and a small cabinet below the desk that locks. Looks like it is still locked folks," the auctioneer said chuckling. "The tag from the manufacturer is intact on the back of the item. Do I hear $500?" A man in the back of the auction house raised his paddle. $500, do I hear $550? A number of people raised their paddles this time and the bidding war began. By the time all was said and done, the antique side by side from the Moore estate had gone for $1675.

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