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Chapter 10

Shannon returned to school on Tuesday and everyone wanted to know from her what had happened. It was rare for so many people to want to speak with her. It was also fun for Shannon to hear all of the exaggerated stories spreading about her demise. Her teachers eyed her suspiciously in each class before they turned to the task at hand. Shannon suspected that they wanted to know what happened, but they didn't want to be rude and ask. She would have liked to tell them the truth but the student body seemed to be enjoying conjecture. Shannon didn't want her sudden popularity to end.

The substitute teacher, Mrs. Greene was teaching physical science after lunch. Shannon was looking forward to the class because they were doing an experiment on sound waves. The class would be using Slinkys to illustrate the experiment. For any other substitute teacher an exercise using Slinkys could have spelled trouble, but no one dared mess with Mrs. Greene. The class clowns, after a few run-ins with her, knew better.

When the students entered the science room that day there was an audible sigh by the majority of students when they saw who their sub was. Shannon felt a little twinge of happiness at the discomfort of her fellow classmates. She hated it when the students took advantage of substitutes, especially the nice ones.

The class went as expected with the students filling out their work sheets under the watchful gaze of Mrs. Greene. Shannon was relieved that she was able to finish the assignment in the time allotted for the class. She didn't want to take home a lot of homework today, not after spending the weekend in the hospital.

After science there were two more hours of school left and she felt like she could use a nap already. She rested her elbow on her desk and held her head up with her hand and watched the old maple tree sway gently in the cold wind outside. Its' leaves had fallen off weeks ago and now the branches looked like old gray fingers reaching for the sky. While Shannon daydreamed she was suddenly jolted back to reality by a girl's raspy voice in the seat behind her. There hadn't been anyone sitting behind her a minute ago. Usually Daniel Jackson, the perpetual sleep walker, sat behind her in science class, but he was absent today. The hair stood up on the back of her neck when she heard Mindy Douglas lean forward on the desk behind her and whisper "you think you're really hot, don't you?" Shannon didn't say anything; she didn't even want to turn around and look at her antagonist.

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