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Chapter 9

Shannon's body lay sprawled on the floor of the entryway into her house. Blood was oozing slowly from her temple. While lying there unconscious, she was having dreams of dark corridors, black figures without faces and screaming in the distance. She strained to hear what the voices were saying but they sounded muffled and far away. When she tried to move she found that her legs and arms were as heavy as lead. She couldn't lift her head and the pounding sensation was excruciating. Shannon could hear people in the distance arguing about something; of this much she was sure. If only she could will her body to move.

One male voice became clearer and she could almost understand what he was saying. "We need to move her, we can't just leave her laying here like this. She's blocking the door." Great idea, it isn't very comfortable on the floor, Shannon thought. "Man, she's awfully heavy, maybe we should just leave her on the floor," another male voice said. For crying out loud, would somebody please help me! Shannon tried to form the words but they wouldn't come out. "Oh crap, she's waking up. We'd better get out of here quick!" the first male voice said. Shannon couldn't imagine where the people were going. Weren't they going to help her?

The two young men looked carefully out the bay window to see if anyone was walking nearby. They quickly exited the house when the street was empty and left the door open slightly. It would be awhile before anyone would find Shannon and her attackers would be long gone.

It seemed like an eternity before she heard more voices. A woman's voice she recognized went into hysterics and she knew it had to be her mother. "My baby, my God! What happened Brendan?" Whew, Shannon thought, relieved. At least there were people she knew that were going to help her. Now, if she could only get her body to move.

Shannon stopped fighting the urge to open her eyes and relaxed. She began dreaming that she was walking down a hallway. She recognized the house she was in, but it was at the same time unfamiliar. A small girl came running toward her as if she knew her. The little girl had long wavy brown hair that was held back with a powder blue ribbon. The girl's dress was light blue with white lace around the sleeve cuffs and hem. On the front of her dress she wore a small gold locket pin. Her thin little legs had white stockings on them and her feet had little black button up boots on them. She looked up questioningly at Shannon. "What took you so long? I've been waiting for you to play with me!" she said excitedly.

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