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Chapter 7

Saturday morning Shannon laid in bed trying to think of where she had seen the crazy man in her vision before. It was as if she had seen him very recently, but that seemed impossible given the time period she knew that the vision had occurred in. Anyone who was young in the early 1900's couldn't possibly be alive today; if they were still alive they would be close to, if not older than, 100. Still, the man looked familiar just as he was, which sent a cold shiver up Shannon's spine. If he was still alive, how did she know him?

Slowly and methodically Shannon went through a mental list of all of the young men she knew as well as older ones. She immediately crossed off all of her teachers, creepy relatives and the strange man that worked as a cashier in the hardware store. It didn't seem possible that the similarity was with one of her friends, yet there was one resemblance that made her stomach tighten: the man resembled a boy in her drama club- Daniel Moore. Her drama teacher had referred to him as the brooding actor. Daniel had dark blue eyes, black hair and an athlete's body. It was hard for her to keep her eyes off of him when he was on stage or doing one of their group exercises. Unfortunately, Daniel didn't really notice Shannon, or so she thought. Despite her many attempts to strike up a conversation with him he always seemed preoccupied or simply walked away mumbling something she couldn't understand.

The resemblance between Daniel and the crazy man in her vision was almost startling. If it weren't for the period clothing the two could be brothers. Daniel didn't look like a ghost, but maybe he was related to the man in her dreams. Either way, she was going to have to do a little research and it would be difficult getting two words out of Daniel.

Shannon decided that the best way to approach the problem was to find a good reason to talk to him at drama club practice on Thursday. He was also in her English class; discussing an assignment would be one way to start a conversation, though it was a pretty lame one. She hoped she didn't make a total fool of herself, but she wouldn't be able to sleep well again until she figured out why Daniel looked like a cold-blooded killer.

It was almost noon on Saturday when Shannon screwed up the courage to talk to her mother about the vision once again. She approached her mom in the dining room where she was sitting with her pen poised over her N.Y. Times crossword puzzle book. "Hey mom," Shannon queried. "Can I talk to you for a minute?" Victoria looked up from the puzzle she was working on with a dazed look on her face. Shannon recognized this as the look of a very determined person wanting to finish the elusive puzzle. "What do you need?" she asked Shannon. "I, uh, wanted to ask you about the thing we talked about. You know, the vision." There was complete silence in the room.

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