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Chapter 1

Brendan was the polar opposite of Victoria, which was probably why they got along so well. His laid back personality and good looks made him popular with the locals. His reddish blonde hair and twinkling blue eyes could still make the older ladies in town blush when he paid attention to them at town functions.

Brendan was also Victoria's business partner. He purchased most of the antique items that the store sold. He loved to haggle with merchants and he really enjoyed a good auction with fast bidding. Brendan also was very handy with caring for the many antiques that came through their store. He could fix practically anything and was an expert furniture refinisher. His workshop was in the basement where he kept it meticulously clean. Victoria rarely ventured down there because she hated the smell of paint stripper, but Shannon loved to be with her father, no matter where he happened to be in the house.

Shannon and Ralph were used to seeing invisible guests by now but it wasn't a polite topic of conversation in the O'Reilly household. It was difficult to be fourteen years old and have ghosts bothering you on a regular basis. Most kids have to worry about their complexion, grades and who they are going to the dance with on Friday night. Shannon had all of this to worry about and the added burden of trying to solve problems for spirits that lurked in and around her home. She had accepted the ghosts as part of her life; Ralph on the other hand, found it necessary to hiss and run whenever they made an appearance.

Shadowy figures, strange dreams and misty faces had haunted Shannon since she had been twelve years old. Sometimes the figures looked lost, some were angry and many times they simply stood in her way. She guessed that they were her dead relatives since most of the inhabitants of the home had been related to her in one way or another.

The movies had done a good job scaring kids and making them afraid of ghosts and Shannon had been no different. Initially she thought that the shadow figures would make a noise, slime or hurt her the first time she screwed up the courage to walk through one. The experience only proved one thing; the figures didn't move and they didn't make a sound. They simply followed her around the house popping up when she least expected them.

Strange things happened to Shannon all the time in her home. One night in particular, Shannon simply wanted to brush her teeth like a normal teenager. After lying in bed and watching re-runs of Duck Dodgers on her TiVo for the millionth time, she had gotten up from her warm and comfortable bed to go to the bathroom. Her dry contacts told her it was time to take them out and she was looking forward to the relief she felt when she removed the small plastic discs from her eyes. She removed her contacts, washed her face with Ivory soap and then patted it dry. Shannon then put on her pink wire-framed glasses.

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