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Chapter 8

Halloween and Homecoming finally arrived on Saturday, much to Shannon's relief. The sooner the festivities were over the better, as far as she was concerned. There was so much homework due on Monday that she couldn't understand how everyone else could be so blasé about the assignments. Although Shannon could practically skate through her other courses, she had to struggle to understand algebra. Come Monday there would be an algebra exam that would cover everything they had learned for the past two months. The only thing she really liked or understood about math was quadratic equations. It was easy to remember the FOIL formula: first, outside, inside and last, then solve for x. Everything else related to algebra was just an exercise in futility.


Victoria was busy in the shop that morning and had quite a few locals coming in to browse the antique clothing. The O'Reilly's had set up a small dressing room in the den for the customers. Since the closest retail chain store was a half-hour's drive away, many people naturally came to the antique store to find costumes that were either historical or downright strange. Fedora hats, top hats and walking canes were always popular with the boys, whereas the girls always wanted to try on the fur stoles, antique dresses and costume jewelry. For some, it was difficult to find a dress that fit them. So many of the dresses were nipped severely in the waist area. The only way to wear the old dresses was to wear a tightly laced corset, and not many girls wanted to make that kind of a commitment to a costume. For those that were committed to an authentic costume, Victoria had a wide selection of figure enhancing undergarments.

Shannon stayed out of the shop that day because she didn't want to get caught up in the same old conversation about her Halloween spirit or the lack of a date for the homecoming dance. If her few friends only knew about the ghost she had recently seen, they'd either label her crazy or a girl desperate for attention. The scary ghost from her vision was all the Halloween she needed this year, thank you very much.

Shannon was also a little scared of what she might see that day. If she stayed hidden in her bedroom or turret room she would be safe from prying eyes and hopefully, unwanted ghosts. If just willing the spirits away would work, she would be fine, or she thought. Unfortunately, the spirit world didn't work that way. When a spirit wanted to make itself known to the living it would go to great lengths to make things happen. This had always been Shannon's experience though she had seen many TV shows that depicted ghosts or poltergeists as the pent up energy of a teenager. Shannon only wished it was that simple.

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