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PublicBookshelf provides a promotional platform for new and previously published quality books.  We publish all types of romance stories and novels including:

  • Contemporary Romance
  • Romantic Suspense
  • Historical Romance
  • Regency Romance
  • Inspirational Romance
  • Vampire Romance
  • Western Romance
  • General Romance
  • Fantasy and Paranormal Romance

You can even publish pieces of your romance book - like a serialized story- one part at a time. We call this growing book a Bookie.


  • Share your stories. Submit parts of your romance story, piece by piece, and get comments from readers on each part.
  • Promote your book. You can stimulate sales of your book by adding links to your website or online websites like Amazon where your book is sold.
  • Promote yourself as an author. You get an Author Profile page where you can post your biography, your photo, your thoughts and commentary on your book.
  • Get your book read. PublicBookshelf has millions of visitors each year. This exposure drives readership of your book and gives you exposure as an author.
Perfect for New and Previously Published Authors
  • Do you have books in print? Was your book published but is now out of print? 
    • Re-purpose your previously published work and open up a new promotional source which can maximize your book's earning potential. 
    • Stimulate sales of current works by publishing samples of your books on PublicBookshelf. 
    • Stimulate sales of previously published works by getting exposure on PublicBookshelf. 
    • Promote yourself as an author.
  • Are you a new author?  Do you have a book that you just can't get published?  Or, do you have a book that you are working on and need some input from readers?
    • We accept submissions of new or previously-published manuscripts. We also accept parts of books - Bookies - so you can serialize your book.
    • Get comments about your book (or Bookie) from readers.
    • Promote your book.
    • Promote yourself as an author.
    • Get the readership you need to become a recognized author.
What Books Qualify

We love all kinds of romance books, and if your book meets these qualifications, we want to see it!

  • A completed book must be 10,000 words or more. A Bookie can be any length, any number of story parts or any length you want to submit.
  • Only the rightful owner (i.e. author or publisher of the print version) of the work may submit it.
  • The book must be relatively error free. PublicBookshelf will not edit your work; but, we do a general review to ensure the content is reasonably grammatically correct, makes sense and is optimized for online use.
  • The content must abide by the Terms of Use. This means your book may not include unlawful content, including defamation, abuse, harassment, stalking, threats, or otherwise violate the legal rights of others.
  • Does not include excessive profanity or violence.
  • Does not include pornography or erotic content.

How Submission and Publication Works

  • You register as an author.
  • You review and approve the Submission Agreement. No exclusive required.
  • You upload your Bookie or full book.
  • Your work is published on PublicBookshelf.
  • We promote your work by directing the search engines and our readers to your pages. Readers can come and read or browse the book, find out more information about it (and you!) and find links to where they can purchase your work on the Internet.
  • We run contextual ads adjacent to your book.

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