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Chapter 4

Understanding is what I'm demanding every minute of everyday.

Understanding is what I'm demanding except for when I pray.

For when I pray…I humbly ask…

For the comprehension to know when to shut up and just listen

The stable kind that will always last I need understanding to be unequivocally in the know

So I won't repeat the wrongs of past!

Patience rather so anxious is what I work to exercise.

But, I want, what I want, when I want it and…

I get consumed with that on the inside!

So, I pray for the Patience to handle what I pray to Understand…

Although, I know I dish out emotion to demonstrate my devotion…

I'm smart enough to know in my heart

That I need God to walk with me, talk with me and to hold my hand!

Strength is what I need because betrayal, stupidity, greed and deceit…

Disgusts and sickens me until I grow weak.

So, I ask God for the Strength to be Patient…

With what I pray to Understand…

And I ask all this in pure confidence that on my feet I will always land.

For we all need a little Understanding, Patience and Strength…

Better known as U.P.S.

Guidance is guaranteed if you're in need

For God always delivers to his BEST!

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