Urban Verses - Poetry To Make You Say Hmmm... (Table of Contents, page 1 of 1)

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Harvest for the World

Daddy Why?



Live the Dash

Delicious Food For Thought

Our Day Will Come!


Beautiful Black Brothers

The Hip Is In the Hop

Us, The Nigga?

Flash Light!

Ain't It Funny?

Girl Talk

Just Because

Manufactured Manhood

Side Show

The Game

Melt Me

A Woman's Needs

Path to Paradise

The Oven

Verbal Penetration

For the Cool in You



A Work In Progress

In It but Not Of It

Invisible Juice

My Soft Place to Be

My Soul's Window

Keep Your Head to the Sky

A Mirror's Reflection

Inner Strength

Issues into Options

Only As Good As

Seeds over Weeds

The Air You Carry

If it's Magic

Dear Friend

Emotional Leftovers

Five Good Senses

I Can't Tell

Melt Down

No Other


That Special Place

When Love Pours

Private Party

AAA - Artistry & Ambition

Come Inside My World

Lovin' Poetry

My Lover

Missing You


I Wish

My Kindred Spirit

Right Now

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