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Chapter 5

In these times of uncertainty,

There is one fact we cannot debate.

That on all headstones there is sure to be…

A Date of Birth and Death's date!

No way to get around it.

There is no amount of cash.

Can't stop it for we are bound to it.

So, we must simply "Live the Dash"!

Live the Dash!

That's your life in between…

Birth and Death…we must follow the path.

For the "Inevitable Two" cannot be foreseen.

Therefore, Live the Dash, Funkdafied!

Add spice to your life because it keeps you alive.

Live the Dash, In Retrospect!

Learn from life's lessons and don't ever forget!

Live the Dash, Wide - Open!

Go for what you dream of and leave the haters mopin'!

Live the Dash, Morally!

For, God will see those that fail to live orderly!

Live the Dash, For the Best for You!

For, the Dash only lasts between the "Inevitable Two"!

Don't Die while Driving Dreams.

Drive Dreams until you Die.

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