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Willing to explore every nook and cranny and then some more….

Of the body that makes my mental weak!

"This is a dope write!"

Praise for poem, "A Woman's Needs"

By: Penda - Detroit Poetry.com Poet 2006

"I've reading the poem "Verbal Penetration" and I really liked it. It is, as I'm sure the author already knows, very well written, highly charged and erotically powerful! It was like doing a slow dance, in a dim room, with someone you just met, but with whom you feel a sudden and powerful sexual attraction. It was hot! I also read the pages of your novel that are on your website. I can see why it was published…it is very good! You segue quite nicely between literary description and realistic conversation, which is no easy task! Keep up the good work, I am proud and humbled to be in such talented company." By: Arnold Wolf - Author and Black Authors Showcase Artist

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