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Endorsements for Tracie's Poem "One Night Stand" from The Black College Sabbatical - FALL QUARTER

"This poem expresses desperate need really well. I can hear it performed in my head when I read it, and I can hear the pain in the performers voice. Mine or yours…I don't know."By: B`Luv-ed-A Detroit Poetry.com Poet 2006

"BRAVO!!! I too can hear this performed…great work! So often we can get caught up in something just to fulfill a need at that moment and sometimes we don't care…I guess it's our selfishness…but I truly enjoyed the poem. It made me think."By: Rain -A Detroit.Poetry.com Poet 2006

Endorsements for other poems by Tracie E. Christian

"Only a few people get these words from me! WELL SPOKEN, WELL-SAID, WELL-WRITTEN, WELL READ! I loved this piece! Praise for the poem "The Hip Is In The Hop" By: Intelligent Sista - Def Poetry Jam.com Artist 2002

"Sweet, Free, Masterful, Adroit, Lyrically Delicious…Thanks" Praise for poem "The Hip Is In The Hop" By: Mawelulu-Def PoetryJam.com Artist 2002

"That was AWESOME! I'm not heavily into hip-hop, but will listen on occasion. I must say though that Tracie has given me a different perspective in which to view both its influence and evolution. Thanks for expanding my musical knowledge. Keep on writing. WELL DONE." Praise for poem "The Hip Is In The Hop" By: Ms. Paris-Def PoetryJam.com Poet 2002

"This is truly an inspiring piece to all the poets who aspire with words because we want the reader to feel our thoughts, our emotions, our honesty and where we're coming from. Tracie did that with this piece." Praise for poem "Urban Floetry" By: Mcclinton40-Def Poetry Jam.com Artist 2003

"APPLAUSE! This piece is so on point. So many people have the hardest time balancing their artistry with ambition, and often ambition overrides the purity of their creation. This should be like a conscious guide to keeping your head despite achieving success. I really, really appreciate the author for posting this!" Praise for poem "Artistry & Ambition" By: Legacy-Detroit Poetry.com Poet 2006

"Fyah! Tracie is blazing! I'm feeling this poem because it definitely does get like that sometimes. While no one wants to ask for it, sometimes women must do what they have to do. My favorite stanza was…"

So, I'm going to make this short and sweet.

I know I'm your Lady, but tonight I need to be your Freak.

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