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Chapter 6

Humanity is hungry for the nutrients of a mental meal.

Famished is mankind for stimulation of a cerebral feel.

As I walk through my garden, I'll compile a feast for all of mankind.

One that will feed our innate hunger, replenishing the fluids of the mind.

I'll pick fruit from my knowledge tree to feed all humanity.

For, KNOWLEDGE is the one thing that cannot be taken from thee.

I'll gather from my garden a pile of PASSION leaves…

Edible condiments for the feast I have in vision.

This leaf fuels the fire that motivates ambition.

With its fire burning feverishly the mind will surely listen.

I'll also put together a bushel of COMMMON SENSE.

The earthly laxative used to cleanse the mind of doubt.

A mental cleansing is necessary to decipher what life's about.

No mental meal is complete without a sack of CONSIDERATION.

Consideration for yourself, for others, for life and all situations…

Results in good karma for all leading to success from determination.

Now I extend my dinner invitation to all who wish to see…

My culinary treats to satisfy all hunger; that is mentally.

There is no supermarket through which this meal can be bought.

This meal is my poetic contribution to life called simply FOOD for THOUGHT!

It's Delicious!

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