Urban Verses - Poetry To Make You Say Hmmm... (Chapter 2, page 1 of 1)

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Chapter 2

Daddy why did you bring me here?

Only to abandon me in this world of fear?

Daddy, why did you rape, beat and kill my mother?

While you were cumin', shunnin' and even runnin' from her…

For your true loyalties belonged with another.

Daddy, why do I not know my lighter brothers and sisters?

Why do some of them call you Father and others call you Mister?

Daddy, why was it I, that had to fight for my Civil Rights?

Daddy, why do your brothers hate me in their sight?

Daddy, why do some call me…

Octoroon, Quad Rum, Mulatto…please I must know?

Daddy, when I walk like you, talk like you and

Was even bought by you…

But you don't love me though.

Daddy, am I a bastard or was I simply your love child?

Did you secretly love Mommy or just screw her for a little while?

I do know that since we met you, we've been screwed!

I know now, by the like of you Daddy…how badly I've been used!

Daddy Why?

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