1. Do readers and authors have to register in order to use PublicBookshelf?

    Readers do not have to register to use PublicBookshelf. Authors are required to register so that their Author Dashboard can be created. During registration authors will be asked to provide their contact information as well as the information they want to include on their Author Dashboard such as their biography, photo and information about other books and stories they have written.

  2. Is there a registration fee to join PublicBookshelf?

    No. Registration is free to all authors. Readers do not have to register.

  3. What is the Author Dashboard?

    Once you register as an author, you will automatically be taken to your Author Dashboard whenever you log into PublicBookshelf. The Author Dashboard screen has links to edit or update the information in your profile. The Author Dashboard shows any books (and Bookies) which you have submitted to PublicBookshelf. Each book shown on the Author Dashboard will have links which will let you: a) resubmit a new version of the book; b) alert you if you need to review any legal agreements such as the Submission Agreement; and c) determine the review and publication status of any books being published for you by PublicBookshelf. The book's status will show as "Incomplete" until the book is published.


  1. Can I submit a part of a book or do I have to submit an entire book? Can I just submit a sample?

    In order to make a decision about publishing a full book we need to see the entire manuscript which you want to have published. If you are submitting a sample book consisting of a few chapters, all of those chapters must be submitted to make a publication decision. You can, however, create a Bookie and submit any number of story parts. With a Bookie you can add story parts whenever you want.

  2. Do you accept every book submitted for publication?

    PublicBookshelf aspires to provide content that meets certain quality and terms of use criteria. To that end, we do read through each story to make sure the content is grammatically correct, the spelling is correct, and decency standards are met before we will accept a book for publication. We also review Bookies to make sure that all quality and terms of use criterial are met.

  3. Do you assign the ISBN?

    PublicBookshelf does not arrange for ISBN assignment. An ISBN is not required for publication on PublicBookshelf.

  4. Can I upload my own book cover?

    Yes. If we are publishing your book and you don't upload a file with your cover art, PublicBookshelf will add a book cover prior to publication of your book. If you are submitting a Bookie you can upload your own cover art, select a free template to use or we will select a template for your Bookie.

  5. Can the book include graphics, illustrations or photos?

    Not at this time. You can submit a book for consideration with graphics, illustrations or photos, but they will be deleted from your book prior to the publication of your book.

  6. How long does it take to get a decision about submission? How long does it take to publish a book?

    Publication review can take from 2 to 4 weeks. If your book is approved for publication, the book will be published online within another 2 to 4 weeks. If you submit a Bookie, your Bookie will be online immediately.

  7. I have tried to submit my book several times, but the PublicBookshelf system does not seem to accept my document.

    For detailed directions on how to submit a document, you should review the Submission Guidelines.

  8. I have submitted my book for review and accepted the Submission Agreement. Why does my status show as "Incomplete" on my Author Dashboard?

    The status will show as "Incomplete" until the book is published.

  9. Can I remove my book from PublicBookshelf at a later date?

    Yes, you can remove your book at any time, for any reason. To remove your book, just Email us at PublicBookshelf with your request.


  1. Will my online book be listed through PublicBookshelf on Google and other search engines?

    All books and Bookies are made accessible by webcrawlers, which is how search engines compile their listings. Please be aware that this is not an overnight event. It may take several days or weeks before a webcrawler picks up your book or Bookie. PublicBookshelf works to get traffic to your work, but we cannot guarantee traffic.

  2. How can I tell readers about other books I've written which are not published on PublicBookshelf?

    You can add information about your other books in your biography. The information will be included on your Author Profile.

  3. Will I have an email address on PublicBookshelf so readers and agents can contact me?

    No. PublicBookshelf protects the private information of all registered users. However, you can include a link to your website in your book or in your bio which you submit for your Author Profile.

  4. Are the books available for order by readers?

    PublicBookshelf does not sell books. The books are read online - on mobile phones, tablets and computers - at no cost to the readers. When submitting a book, authors have the option to include a link to wherever their book is sold online.

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