Xander's Chance (Chapter Four, page 2 of 13)

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Jessi opened the iPad and turned it on. The rules popped up on the screen. She found herself counting how many exclamation points Ingrid used before she read through the rules.

"Rule number one: Feed the cat twice a day at eight AM and three PM. No water, only kibbles and wine. Don't drink the wine and don't let the cat in X's room," Jessi read aloud. "What kind of cat drinks wine?" She sat down to read, growing more puzzled as she did. "Rule two, escort X's girls out every morning. Rule three, remind him to wear clothes. Rule four, you are responsible for cleaning and laundry. He likes the house spotless and the hamper empty every day." She rolled her eyes. "Rule five, keep your cell on. He calls at weird hours and you must do what he says. Rule six, no questions."

The guy sounded like a control freak. Jessi set down the device, aware she was there for a reason. If she found what Jonny wanted today, she wouldn't have to worry about the stupid rules or finding out how weird the boss was.

She explored one hallway and found two guest bedrooms and an office, all decorated in the same cold, impersonal colors. Down the other hallway was the owner's suite. She pushed the door open and paused. Just stepping into the cave-like master bedroom made her feel as if she was entering some forbidden place.

It was so dark, she wasn't able to make out how large the room really was. The bed was huge, taking center stage in the room. Rule number two claimed he took a different woman to bed every night. Jessi didn't believe it, until she saw his bedroom.

This was not the room of a normal person. This was the kind of place one went for a sexual escape. Everything in the room was geared to tease or soothe the senses, from the soft sheets to the dim lighting to the calming scents. The walls were covered in suede, she realized as she placed a hand against one.

If what she sought was in this room, she needed a flashlight just to see if there was furniture aside from the bed. Anxious to be gone, she searched beneath the sinks and the laundry room, places she thought a flashlight would be. He didn't have any or candles. She recalled the penlight in her purse and retrieved it.

The bedroom was the only room that had been personalized in the whole condo. It's where she'd keep something valuable. With the penlight clenched between her lips, she began going through a dresser. Even the guy's boxers were neatly folded into squares that sat in the middle of the drawer. She closed the top drawer slowly, so as not to disturb the stacks of boxers. She found nothing hidden in his clothing and went through two walk-in closets, both brimming with clothes. She even searched his nightstands and shoes.

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