Rhyn's Redemption (Chapter Five, page 2 of 10)

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Toby looked up as the familiar demon named Jared passed his cell, trailed by two demons carrying a body with another familiar face.

“Gabriel!” he exclaimed, bounding to his cell door. “Gabriel!”

His long time friend, the assassin, was bloodied and unconscious. The demons tossed Gabriel’s body into a dark cell two down from Ully’s before they left.

“Hello, my Immortal Twinkies,” Jared said, his slender form pausing in the hallway between them. A slow smile slid across his face, revealing pointed teeth.

“I remember you,” Toby said. “You’re Rhyn’s friend.”

“Friend, no. Formerly indebted to him for my life, yes.”

“What’re you doing here in Hell?”

“There’s a saying, better to serve in Hell than get your head split open somewhere else.”

“That doesn’t sound right,” Toby said.

“He’s messing with you,” Ully said.

“Maybe you can help us leave!” Toby said, his excitement growing.

“I’ll get right on that,” Jared said and rolled his eyes. “Or I could stay right here and watch Darkyn pull you limb from limb. That’s my idea of a good time.”

“He can’t leave, Toby,” Ully added. “He’s stuck here unless Darkyn lets him go. I heard the demons talking about it when I was in the lab. Jared is a glorified prisoner.”

“That’s not entirely accurate,” the demon said with some irritation. “I’m allowed to roam the fortress.”

“When you’re escorted, you can. I have more freedom than you when I’m not in this cell.”

“I’ll be happy when Darkyn orders your death. I plan on eating every part of you, down to your bones,” Jared snapped and bared his teeth.

“Ully has skunk blood, and I’m an angel. You’d gag to death first,” Toby said and giggled at the look that crossed the demon’s face. “I can almost pull a portal, with someone’s help. I could get all of us out of here.”

“You’re too little,” Jared said. “Immortals can’t portal out of here anyway. Only demons can.”

“I’m not a normal Immortal,” Toby cried. “I’m an angel! I can do whatever I have to save my human.”

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