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Chapter 2

The two stood staring at the wall, shocked. Another bizarre reality to add to their new lives. Sarah broke the silence with a tenuous giggle that evoked a twisted smile from Jackson. "It appears vampires possess strength."


The two sat side by side on the bed, both ignoring the inappropriate behavior. The strict rules of their noble births seemed irrelevant now. Propriety became trivial when one was drinking blood; and enjoying it. Sarah held Jackson's hand as they discussed the reality of their situation.

Gabriel opened the door without knocking. He pursed his lips at the two newborns. "It is probably best you two are getting on so well. You will be partners." He glanced at the smashed chair. "You will have to be more careful until you are accustomed to your strength. Now, come along, Master Victor should not be kept waiting."

They were led to a room with a long table in the center surrounded by chairs. At one end sat a man, in what seemed more like a throne. Two formidable men stood on either side.

He did not offer seats, nor did he stand. Jackson recognized the black eyes as soon as they were leveled upon him. If death were a color, this would be it. He wanted to scream at him; to demand an explanation, but understood how fruitless that would be and measured his best course to remain calm.

Without standing, the man spoke, pointing a long nailed finger. "I am Victor, your creator and master. My rules are simple; obey me and you will be rewarded. Disobey me and you will be destroyed. Gabriel will indoctrinate you to our ways, teach you to feed properly. You are not, under any circumstance to bleed a human dry, at least not yet. It is imperative, for the time being, that we are discreet, pass through civilization undetected. We cannot call attention to ourselves until our numbers warrant our attack. Do not feed on your own until your lust is controlled. Killing one human, before my command, will bring a death sentence. Stay loyal and I will share my kingdom with you. Defy me, and you will suffer my wrath." He waved his hand in dismissal.

Gabriel led them to another room. Immediately upon stepping over the threshold, Jackson's sense of smell took over. There were two people present; their scent, although foreign, smelled deliciously inviting. Jackson moved closer, inhaling deeply, while bitter tasting saliva collected in his mouth.

Gabriel tapped his arm. "Since you seem most ready, you will be first." He approached the woman, who stood in hypnotic nonchalance, and gazed into her eyes. "This handsome gentleman is going to suck your blood and you will enjoy his attention. Do not be frightened." The woman focused on Jackson and smiled.

Her scent became intoxicating as she drew closer, and he could hear the blood rushing through her veins. Each time she exhaled the scent grew stronger, urging him closer. The ache returned to his jaw as he swallowed venom, and the fangs painfully emerged.

He turned away in disgust. "I cannot. I am a gentleman. I would rather die than hurt a lady."

Gabriel rolled his eyes. "Lucky me, another creature of nobility. How I wish Victor would choose more randy gents to turn." He approached Sarah and held her by the throat. "Very well... feed on that lass, else I shall feed on this one, and I have no need to assure she survives, nor do I care."

Sarah's eyes were wide as saucers and Jackson knew he had no choice. He glanced at the woman before bowing his head and added pleadingly, "I apologize for what I am about to do." He closed his eyes and inched toward her, then turned his head in an unsuccessful attempt to retreat. Losing the battle with his lust, he let out an inhuman growl and bit into her neck. The first taste of blood sent him into an uncontrollable frenzy. It tasted even sweeter than that from the carafe. His mind coursed with carnal lust, raw and insatiable. All concern for the victim vanished as he savagely consumed the life from her.

He felt hands on his shoulders as a voice broke through the madness. "That's enough.

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