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Chapter 6

"What good will that do?"

"I will stop him."

She set her jaw and growled, "You are not, under any circumstance, going to touch him!"

He put his hands up in surrender. "Fine, but I'm not going to let him verbally abuse you. If I can't beat him, I'll get you out of there."

"Whatever!" She knew arguing would be pointless. She poured the coffees and headed to the door with Jackson behind her. As they descended the stairs, he started humming the Death March. She had to fight back a chuckle.

The human had spent most of the evening pacing around the cell, trying to make some sense of everything, stopping only briefly to eat, in an effort to soak up all the alcohol. Connor had not drank this much since his undergrad days and really felt like shit. He felt reasonably sure they would not kill him, unless they got their kicks out of seeing people freak out before murdering them. God, how can she be a murderer? Although he thought Jackson an obnoxious, self-righteous prick, Connor felt sure he had been truthful about him being long dead if they were going to kill him.

Connor had been with many women, even lived with one for a year, yet he had never met anyone he had connected with like Sarah. She was everything he ever dreamed of. Up until yesterday he thought they would be together forever. He had even gone to check out rings last week and then she drops that word…

A vampire!

When she first said it, he thought she was joking. Her expression confirmed the truth. She seemed so distraught, especially when he called her a monster; no way did she want him dead. You can't fake that look. She can make me forget her. Do I want to forget her? Am I willing to give up all we have become to each other? Maybe she can make me forget she's a vampire and go back to pretending she's human. I could live with that, and I wouldn't have to lose her. Maybe she can even make me think it is okay for her to be a vampire. Does she want me to be a vampire? Christ, I'm going to lose my mind!

Jackson held back far enough so Connor would not see him, yet close enough to get into the room in a hurry. Sarah opened the door and said, "Good-morning." She closed but did not lock it. It's not as if he had a chance of getting by her. Well, thought Jackson, he didn't rush her like he did me. That's a good sign.

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