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Chapter 8


I woke up worrying about the kitten. And then about Mum and Joe, and how worried they must be. I should have phoned them last night as soon as Rebecca and I had got Angus in the house. I thought about Angus and Rebecca and how they had looked last night, all covered in blood and shot up, and then I started worrying about them too. After a while I got fed up with all the worrying and decided to go downstairs and find two things; something to eat, and someone to explain exactly what had happened last night. And a phone so I could tell Mum we were all OK. Three things, then.

I was rooting around in the kitchen cupboards and the fridge, and had located bacon and eggs and bread, and was just about to start frying it all up in a monstrous black skillet type thing I'd found, when someone said, "You must be Mark." I seriously have no idea how I managed not to drop that thing on my foot.

I turned and said in a quivering voice, "You gave me a fright." I hadn't heard any sounds of someone approaching at all. Creepy.

"My apologies," said a tall man with silvery blonde hair and blue eyes. I recognised the resemblance immediately. He had the same features as Angus, but his colouring was different, obviously, and so was his expression. This man looked like curiosity would look if it had a human face.

"No problem. You must be Angus' brother."

"Yes. My name is Marcus."

"Aah, the clever one." Marcus smiled with his eyes, same as his brother. He seemed pleased that I knew who he was.

"Better not let Fergus hear you say that," he warned, his lips twitching.

I grinned back. "I was just about to make breakfast," I said, lifting the skillet onto the stove.

"Go ahead. Fergus and I have already eaten."

"D'you think I should make something for…" I pointed upstairs as I spoke. Marcus shook his head. "They are going to need a few more hours sleep. I actually wanted to tell you that Fergus and I spoke to your mother late last night, and we told her that we had happened upon a white van that had been ditched by the side of the road, and had rescued your sister. She had been in too much shock to give us any details until very late last night, so we hadn't been able to contact her family until then.

"You, in the meanwhile had gone off with Angus to look for her, and you will be arriving here in about twenty minutes. We phoned you a bit earlier than your mother because Rebecca remembered that you were there when they took her, and wanted you to know that she was OK first."

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