The Grey God (Chapter Six, page 3 of 13)

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"We're debating an alleged act of misconduct by one of our Guardians," Damian explained then faced the small man with purple eyes. "Go on with your wild accusations, Other."

"Your Guardian crossed into the immortal world. It's forbidden to do so, has been since the Schism," the Other said.

"It would stand to reason it's also forbidden for you to be here," Damian replied.

"One would think. And one would be wrong. The Original Beings made no such law when they split the two worlds. You have one here. Ask him."

"Unfortunately, it's true." Xander shifted from across the room, his red eyes punctuating the darkness.

"Even so," Damian said, addressing the Other. "You've done more harm here than anything one of my little Guardians could do to the immortal world."

"Perhaps. However, the rule stands. As the White and Black Gods of this earth, you are bound by the requirement to turn the violator over to us."

"This is like jailing Al Capone for tax evasion," Damian said.

"If we do as you say, will you stop whatever it is you're doing in my ranks and leave me alone?" Jonny asked.

All eyes turned to him. Darian straightened from his position slouching against the wall. Jenn didn't even blink.

"You have my word," the Other said after a pause.

"Damian," Jonny said, turning to the White God, "I will not object if you wish to turn her over to them."

"You forget, Jonny, it's impossible for one of us to cross over," Damian replied. "You can't condemn someone who didn't do something."

Darian moved closer, gut sinking. The station nearest the portal had called him with the previous evening's activity report early in the morning. Among the movements of Others, they'd seen Jenn. He'd planned on asking her about it this morning, before the summons took her and Jonny from the mountain fortress.

"Ikir, I-" Jenn voiced quietly.

"Quiet, Guardian," Damian ordered. "To be perfectly honest, shouldn't this kind of dispute be solved by the Gatekeeper?"

The Other sneered. "The Gatekeeper is unnatural. There was none in the beginning. There should be none now."

"But there was," Xander spoke again. "Maybe you are not old enough to remember, Other, but the Gatekeeper existed before the Originals. He was slaughtered by my kind, but he exists now. The Guardian has broken a law that only the Gatekeeper has the power to enforce."

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