The Grey God (Chapter Two, page 2 of 9)

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Sofi laughed. The small woman was the most powerful Oracle since ancient times, stronger even than his own mother. The White Gods had a long tradition of finding and mating with Oracles. When he'd met Claire, he'd been enamored instantly by her beauty and fighting skill. That she was a weak Oracle unable to access her magic meant nothing to him at the time.

"Which cats are yours?" he asked, forcing his mind off of Claire and Jenn. "I'm taking a couple with me."

"The little black one with blue eyes. She sits with me when I read."

"Fitting. Black cat for an Oracle."

"Be careful, Darian."

He waved the words away. Sofi left him alone in the study, and he sat down at Damian's computer to send the info the real estate agent needed to rent him the cabin. He'd set up shop there immediately, but he assumed he'd be there for at least two more weeks. Having some poor, unexpecting Realtor stumble upon him before his paperwork cleared wouldn't be pleasant.

Darian collected his two favorite cats then packed a small suitcase and Traveled to the cabin. He flipped on all the lights. The furniture was worn and rustic with wooden frames and upholstered cushions. He flipped on the heat and looked around the living room, satisfied with his find.

The hair on the back of Darian's neck rose suddenly, and his newfound ability to track Watchers and Others pinpointed where the Watcher would appear before it did. He faced the corner, weapons drawn. A moment later, the small, grandfatherly looking Watcher with emerald eyes appeared.

"Hello, ikir," the Watcher said.


"It has been awhile since you have been you. You remember me now."

Darian cocked his head to the side. "I remember enough to know I never liked you."

"And we never liked you. You always were a complicated man." The Watcher offered an empty smile. "Unlike Damian."

"He's better suited to be the White God than I ever was," Darian said. "He lacks my … darkness."

"It makes you stronger."

"You're not here to talk about my shit. What do you want?"

"I admit, I'm surprised you haven't sent me away. Damian would've expelled me by now."

Darian considered the words, well aware of the same truth. He should've felt something, perhaps gratitude to the man before him, for the Watchers had helped Sofi find him and Bianca heal him. But he felt nothing, not even his brother Damian's fury at the immortals messing with the mortal world.

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