The Grey God (Chapter Seven, page 1 of 12)

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When Darian turned to find Jenn gone, he knew it was the only reason he hadn't done something they both might've regretted. He released his breath, blood pounding through his body. Her scent still lingered in the air, and he could almost feel her hands on his body again, caressing him in a way that turned him from a god in control of himself into a fawning teenager.

He wiped his face. She'd been stronger than him. She'd walked away where he couldn't.

Maybe Jenn was right. Maybe she could fuck-and-walk just as easily as Claire.

No. Jenn is not Claire. He knew this just as he knew he'd been smitten by both women.

Agitated, Darian retreated from the wine cellar to the house. He paced alone in the kitchen. Damian had come to tell him he was taking a special trip elsewhere. He'd given no more details, a sign something was up. Darian felt-not for the first time-that everyone present in the basement that day had an agenda they tried to hide from the others. Except him. He'd thought Jenn didn't either, but after that kiss … He made himself a hamburger, ate it, then raided the fridge. He was hungry for something besides food, but he couldn't have her. Yully's shepherd pie and Bianca's paella did nothing to fill the gnawing hole within him. At last, he gave up trying to make up for it with food and rose from the table.

A strange commotion in the hallway drew him from his thoughts, and he pushed the kitchen door open. Redheaded Yully and tiny Bianca raced down the hallway towards the foyer, chasing the vamp Charles. He flung open the door and slammed it behind him. The two women stopped.

"He didn't eat any of my cats, did he?" Darian demanded, stepping into the hall.

They turned at his voice, glanced at each other before shaking their heads.

"What he'd do?" he asked.

"Nothing really," Bianca said. "We wanted to make sure he was okay."

Dusty's lifemate was small and shapely with a sunny disposition and caramel features that resembled her brother's, the Black God. Her eyes glowed with both delight and mischief while Jule's mate, Yully, appeared less certain. The newest member of their family, Yully wasn't quite comfortable yet.

"I don't think a vamp needs you worrying about him," Darian said.

"Oh, he's not a vamp anymore," Yully said with her musical Irish lilt. "We fixed that."

"We think we fixed it," Bianca said quickly. "We were going to confirm, but he freaked out."

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