Fallen (The Transformed Prequel) (Chapter Six, page 2 of 6)

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"What is it, then? What aren't you telling me?"

I sighed. "It's a long story."

"Try me."

This wasn't the way that I wanted things to go, but maybe telling him that I was a vampire was for the best. If it wasn't, I could always use mind control. I pulled the bandage off my finger and showed him my perfect skin.

His eyes widened and he grabbed my hand, staring at my finger. "How did that heal already? That's not possible!"

"I'm not your average…person."

"How did that heal already? I saw how deep you cut yourself. What's going on?"

"I heal quickly. If anything happens to me, then I just heal. That's why you can drop me off anywhere. If something happens to me, I'll get over it."

"That still doesn't make any sense. I-"

I unbuckled myself and leaned over to him and started kissing his neck. I licked circles around his skin, allowing the saliva to prepare it to be bitten. It not only relaxed the skin, but him as well. He leaned his head against the seat and let me kiss his smooth, soft skin as I let his heartbeat sing seductively to me.

Giving one last lick, I nipped his skin with my teeth. He let out a small gasp of pain followed by a moan. I let my teeth sink slowly into his neck giving him more of my venom as the blood trickled into my mouth. I closed my eyes as I discovered that the taste of love, or lust, or whatever it was, was much more delectable even than the taste of fear.

The flow sped up and I drank it hungrily even though I'd already drained two people that week. This was different, this was more than just filling a hunger. As I felt the flow slow down, I knew it was time to stop or he'd pass out. I licked the wound, allowing it to heal as quickly as it would if he were a vampire. I kissed him a few more times and then sat back in my seat.

He took a few heavy breaths and then asked, "What was that?"

"My gift to you," I said. Not only did the amount of venom that I gave him work to give him a level pleasure that humans rarely reach, but it would also stay in his system for a while, giving him added strength and confidence. He would be able to take on the other football players so that they would leave him alone from then on. But I wasn't going to tell him that, I wanted him to figure that out on his own.

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